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ESE English School LLC, is a licensed Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) dispatch company! We've been duly recognized by the government of Japan as an up and coming provider of ALTs to various schools in Tokyo and the other prefectures.



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As a newly licensed dispatch company in Japan, we now handle the following services:

  • Hiring and deployment of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) all over Japan.

  • Public and private elementary schools

  • Public and private Jr. high schools

  • Public and private high schools

  • Private English language tutors

  • Hiring and deployment of semi-skilled workers for agriculture and aquaculture

  • Farm assistants

  • Farm machine operators

For deserving applicants, we offer:

  • Two years contract, renewable depending on the performance

  • Industry-level monthly salary 

  • Contract completion bonus

  • Medical/health insurance coverage

  • Transportation allowance

  • Assistance for relocation

  • Periodic training/skills upgrade 

  • Japanese language support






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2020年1月03日 8:00 – 18:00
Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
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ALT Training and Workshop Philippines



"Japan used to be my home before having my own family in the Philippines.  When I decided to return and live again here in Japan my mother introduce me to E.S.E.; I initially search for information about the company that will help me understand and get to know more of the organization.

I attended the 2-days seminar and had a great time learning and gaining knowledge about the education system of Japan.

E.S.E seminar helps me understand the reason why Japan needs to intensify its English education system.  The seminar also provides tips on how to deal with different Japanese students.

I am full of gratitude with E.S.E. and looking forward to a more exciting and informative seminar ahead".

Irene Hosoya Soriano


"I want to share to you, guys, how  E.S.E.’s ALT (assistant language teacher) seminar and TESOL Asia’s online certification thru E.S.E. became big steps towards reaching my dream.

I remember that when I was young I told my self that one day I would become a teacher.  Unfortunately, when I grew up it was not the job that I got because of some family obligations that I had to shoulder. 

To make my long story short, one of my friends in Japan introduced E.S.E. English school to me and I met  Ms. Emma Paz.  Everything that I needed to know about becoming an Engish teacher was explained to me.  So, I decided to undergo the training as well as take the TESOL certification online from TESOL Asia, which is a partner of ESE. 

After a couple of weeks or months, I’ve finished my online training.

Now I’m looking forward to learning more interesting and fun exercises that can help children learn how to speak English.

I believe that the best way to become a good teacher is to have a passion for the job and be able to show how speaking English can be fun.

I want to say thank you E.S.E. English School and Ms. Emma Paz for giving me a chance to rekindle and finally realize my childhood ambition. I can’t wait to see my future students".

Jonee Litang Gobrin



ESE English School LLC,

ESE English School LLC, specializes in teaching ESL (English as a second language).

We ensure the highest standard for English learning in our curriculum

and adhere to teaching methodology that defines quality and excellence in our system.

ENROLL NOW and see the difference!

Our English learning system is based on the ETS and CEFR framework of language learning, which are the standard methods of language assessment and evaluation used in

Europe, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand,

Australia and United States. The E.S.E. curriculum can be applied to countries that use English as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language).

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The highest standards of academic excellence is the hallmark of our dedication to quality. Such excellence is not a state that we have achieved, but a continued desire and determination to become better. We have put in place a system that enables us to perform our duties to meet the demands of the school's high expectations.


We are committed towards integrity and the value of your education experience with us. As such, our endeavors are directed towards making our learning and teaching methods relevant and up-to-date so our students could gain the fullest benefits. Our value for educating students goes beyond the classroom. We see to it that what we teach measures up to their belief that with our help, we can help them make a difference in the world today.

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E.S.E. implements discipline as a covenant of our mutual respect and goodwill for our teachers and our students. This culture nurtures a healthy learning environment working towards effective teaching and learning. It is our desire that with discipline, we can work towards promoting English education for the benefit of all.



We are committed to the service of education and aim to help our students become better in their lives. We believe that English education is just one way of helping them become globally competitive. We ensure that our service ethics will be able to manifest a strong sense of responsibility, efficiency, and professionalism.


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For inquiries about ESE English School LLC, Program, Courses, Training, and Workshops, and other services. Please get in touch with us today. See you soon!

3 Chome-51-7 Nishidai, Itabashi City, Tokyo 175-0045, Japan


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